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Project Educate: Group Work

Sat Nov 3, 2012, 12:02 PM


Project Educate: Group Work:

As with any other genre on deviantART, there is a massive collection of related groups and clubs that you can join, or watch, to get your daily dose of horror.

The collective list of resources available to you as a photo-manipulation artist, or a traditional artist or painter, is also quite extensive.

Below is just a short list of what you can find here on deviantART, and where!

Groups to Submit to:

:iconhorror-fans: - This group seems to have a bit of everything, from literature to photography, as well as a fair amount of members - it's active and interesting!

:iconthe-horror-club: - This group states it is a group for all horror fans, and the rules are clearly outlined on the front page (which is quite pretty to look at!)

:iconthemesofhorror: - Based off of the 100 list idea, there are 200 ways to bring out the scary creativity in you at this group.

:icondisturbingarthorror: - They are dark art.

:iconhorrorchannel: - Slasher, sci-fi, comedic horror, or just plain old fashioned normal horror/macabre, this group is for you!

:iconda-morgue: - A group with a mission.

Specialized Groups:

:iconwerewolfhorror: - A group for those who enjoy werewolves who are ferocious and bloodthirsty.

:iconsci-fi-horror: - All things sci-fi. :D

:iconhorrorhumour: - Love it when horror and humor are paired together? Here you go.

:iconsteampunk-horror: - What more could you ever possibly need?

:iconcustom-horror-toys: - Toys. Toys, toys, toys!

Horror/Macabre Related Resources:

:icondarkstockers: - Dark stock resources for everyone.

:iconbloodgorestock: - A group for stockers who have something horrible to share!

:iconpremadefantasy: - Premade Fantasy is your one stop for beautiful, exquisite, and unique premade background stock.

:icongothicstock: - A group focusing on gothic stock and resources.

The listing of places for you to either see or show work is exhausting, this list is but a few selections for you to explore.

To access more group listing that might tantalize your eyes, you can go to the main page and select the Groups option. Once there, type down whatever it is you're looking for and take a gander at all the wonderful options available to you!

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Project Educate: Horror/Macabre - a short list of resources and groups available to the spooky artists.
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