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Suggesting Horror/Macabre Photography Daily Deviations:

Suggesting daily deviations can be somewhat of a daunting experience. There are old hats at the game, who suggest consistantly, but for somebody who has never done it before, or who wants to self-suggest their work, it can be a bit scary.

The horror/macabre photography gallery is only a tiny section of deviantART, it's hallowed halls are small and dusty, and sometimes it is overlooked. For those who are interested in the gooey, gory goodness contained within them, though, here are a few tips and tricks to suggesting a daily deviation.

What is a Daily Deviation?

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?

A daily deviation is a feature given to a small assortment of deviations every day, chosen by staff and volunteer members who want to show a wider audience an image they feel is deserving.

What should I look for?

As with any genre, quality is a very important element in a horror photograph. If you were to go and look for something spooky to suggest, a picture taken in a bathroom or in bright sunlight might not garner an excited response from the person you are suggesting to. Clear, concise outlines, sharp focus, and an interesting subject matter are all very important parts of a good, scary shot.

No suggestion is a bad suggestion, persay, but there are many reasons why a suggestion may get turned down. If it isn't obvious as to why it was declined, asking is always a good way to understand how the CV works, and what they are looking for when they look to feature a piece of work.

The horror/macabre gallery also contains some very offensive material. When looking to suggest a piece, it is important to consider how you feel towards it, how others might feel towards it, and if it is appropriate to suggest it at all. If you feel that the piece you have selected or created is highly offensive, other people might as well. That isn't to say don't suggest it - but thinking clearly on what you are suggesting will both help deal with the reaction from the community, and from possible rejection of your suggestion due to subject matter.

I did the picture, and I would like to suggest it. Is that okay?

It is perfectly alright to self suggest to me. I enjoy seeing peoples work, and I truly believe that it is a very good esteem boost to have the courage to suggest yourself for a daily deviation. Your skill level does not matter, it takes a lot of guts to self suggest. They are more than welcome!

But it IS scary, why won't you feature it!

If a photograph is in another gallery, such as Digital Art or another photography catagory, and it is not in the Horror/Macabre gallery, it is not in my jurisdiction to feature it. Yes, I can ask the correct CV if I may delve in to their realm for a day, but generally, it would be appropriate to contact the correct volunteer in regards to the deviation you would like to suggest.

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

The "Who Selects a Daily Deviation and How is it Chosen" FAQ contains a list of the appropriate community volunteers for your deviation of choice.

Another aspect to look at in this scenario is...sometimes, not all people share your idea of scary. A kitten in the Horror/Macabre gallery is generally a miscatagorized deviation, though the person who uploaded it might claim they are scared of that tiny ball of fluff which is playing with a cat toy, but I won't be. And the vast majority of the people on this planet will just go "Awww!". The point of the gallery is to evoke a disturbing feeling - not one of adorable tingly softness!

Guidelines and What-Not's.

All community volunteers have their own guidelines and suggestion policies. These should be adhered to, for a community volunteer is just that - a volunteer! The more you send incorrect suggestions to them, the bigger the chance that your suggestion will be overlooked. Guidelines are usually posted on the CV's front page somewhere, or in a journal they have made to outline what they do and do not look for when receiving suggestions. Generally, they are not too hard to follow.

My personal guidelines are underneath my deviantART ID, and they always have been. The consist of very basic requests, such as suggesting in note form and making sure the photograph is in the correct gallery before suggesting.

Loose Ends

Not everyone thinks a daily deviation is deserving, or should be chosen. In most cases, the deviant who has received the daily deviation had no choice in the matter, and therefore, this FAQ should be read and adhered to:

FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Being a community volunteer does not mean that I can choose daily deviations when told to, or asked to, because of outside circumstances, such as a birthday or a holiday gift, or just because the deviant is 'down in the dumps'. Daily deviations are features chosen by a community volunteer who believes that the deviation in question has merit and would do well being seen by a wider audience. They can not be promised, or given as prizes. They should be awarded with no alternative intentions. They are a thrilling, lovely addition to the site, and something to strive towards, but they are not the be-all and end-all of an artistic life, either!

To Wrap Up:

If you are curious as to what my tastes are, you can consult September, 2012's Horror/Macabre daily deviation round up to see a complete list of monthly round-up news articles at the bottom. The link is RIGHT HERE, and contains a link back to every Horror/Macabre round up I have ever posted. You can see how my tastes have evolved, and whether or not your suggestion falls within my super easy guidelines.

Welcome to Horror/Macabre Photography Week!
A Brief History of Horror


Project Educate: Suggesting Horror/Macabre DD's, a short summary of what is a daily deviation, guidelines, and how to's!
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