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Project Educate: Tutorial Tips

Sun Nov 4, 2012, 12:29 PM


Project Educate: Tutorials:

Sometimes, you have an idea, and you just don't know how to pull it off. Below is a short selection of tutorials to help you get on your way! From vampire, to werewolf, to zombie to just plain how to make fake blood and scars, this should be a good resource starter place!

Fake Blood:

:thumb63253598:Fake Blood Recipe Reference by RockstarVanity

Latex Tutorials:

Mature Content

Liquid Latex Tutorial I by sweetgreychaos


:thumb146980737:Latex free wound tutorial by LeSaVy
Wound Tutorial by sporkboticBurn Tutorial by Guirnou


:thumb321050757:Tutorial: Zombie Gore by TinyLittleFirefly
DIY Vampire Fangs by SilverDrgnbaneDIY Vampire Fangs part 2 by SilverDrgnbane

Odds and Ends:

Scar Makeup Tutorial by Bri-BashfulLL Alternatives: Gelatin by SilverDrgnbane

edmontonsurfclub, a freelance amature makeup artist, lent me some sage advice on creating something out of nothing:

-There are no stupid projects. All work is good work regardless of how dumb you think it is.

-If your just getting into the game, people will probalby have more money than you so you have to know more than them. Read everything you can. Knowledge let's you do cool stuff for cheap.

-Smile! Always be optimistic and have a can do attitude. Never bitch about deadlines or project specs.

-Panic Now. Relax when you are done two days ahead of schedule.

-If you can't be technical, be awesome. If you can't be awesome, be technical.

-Everything looks better after a nap.

-Get a pint glass, put three ice cubes in it. Two shots of vodka then half Red Bull, half cranberry juice.

With this attitude, he manages to make some pretty great zombies:

Me and Frank by edmontonsurfclub

There is so many resources, and so much to read about when you start delving in to horror special effects. The key thing to do though - have fun!

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Project Educate: Tutorial tips and words of wisdom from :devedmontonsurftclub:
pwassonne Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought this was a tutorial on how to make tutorials xD
But it isn't. :/
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