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Welcome to Horror/Macabre Photography Week (October 29th-November 5th)!


What is horror/macabre? describes horror as being an overwhelming or painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying or revolting.

It also tells us that macabre means gruesome, ghastly, of or suggestive of the allegorical dance of death.

Now-a-days, terrifying objects of the past no longer seem to apply to us in the same way that they used to. It has become harder and harder to scare people, but the fascination remains the same.

We all like to be scared, or try to feel afraid, whether it be from riding a roller coaster or watching a gory movie in the dark, alone, with the lights out.

This week, I will try to cover some bases on the genre. We'll go from the basics and origins of horror and macabre photography, to interviews with some spooky folks who seem to specialize in scary, to tutorials and features!

October 29th to November 5th (In no particular order!):

Welcome to Horror/Macabre Photography PE Week!: An introduction to the week ahead.
The Origins of Horror: A short layout of how horror has progressed to where it is in the art world.

Working With the Masses: How to work with people of all ages in the macabre field.
Spooky Featurettes: Some dark, dreary and scary work to appeal to your macabre senses.

Aspects of Horror: The different variations of creepy you can accomplish with lighting or subject matter. It's not all just blood and guts!
Various Terrifying Interviews: Some words of wisdom from lovely folk within the genere.

Tutorials, How-To's and Tip's n' Tricks: How to create your own spectacular and shocking images with simple household articles and a little creativity!
Suggesting Daily Deviations: What does and does not qualify as a horror/macabre deviation, how to suggest, and why you shoul


An overview of what will come with the Horror/Macabre Photography Project Educate week!
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