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Digital Art
~featured by xbrittx102, eldestmuse and xblackxbloodxcellx
Colombine by fraxialmadness3 leopard by moozart button tears by lidianoona

~featured by beccainlayton, TazzyDee and ProjectComment
Heavenly creature 4 by HELLOslut babel's chaos by thefelder

Traditional Art
~featured by TheDeviantIndigo and Zombienvy
my eclairs by NeilR1 vaka screenprint by morimori-mori :thumb143741880:

Artisan Crafts
~featured by katdesignstudio and xblackxbloodxcellx
Daughter of the Grasslands by AncientGrove Peace? by daevilmagiciano squidbox 4 by RiverOtterWidget

Design & Interfaces
~featured by CyberChristFF
Groove Advertising by tutom GAPO TEE2 by amategaso Logo Neuro by elhache

Literature – Prose
~featured by eldestmuse,  pullingcandy and Magic-fan

Mature Content

A Boy and His DogI waited by the door in impatience, clicking my tongue and cracking my fingers. It was the 30th, one day before Halloween, and I was hosting a party at my house. You can't miss the house; it's the white one on the hill next to the apartment complex, sitting above the retirement complex nearby. Every month there's an ambulance screeching at the doors. I was waiting for my friend Michael, who had promised to be at my house by eight. It was ten thirty, and a wind was beginning to blow. I could hear the leaves rustling and tree branches scratching against my roof. I tried to ignore the noise, but every scratch and creak was a crack at my dwindling patience. I swore Michael would face hell once he entered my home, more than two hours late. The indignity of it all!
I met Michael in high school; in a semester-long journalism class hosted some descendant of Ishtar. She seemed to treat her teaching job with malice, and her students with spite. She became mellower with the birth of her first son
Returning from The AfterI can never see your face. Even though there's always a sort of deep violent glow that permeates this place, even though a fire is always lit within the circle of rocks near me, all I see is your shadowed slender figure sitting about ten feet away from me.  You're wearing very non-descript clothing...maybe jeans? A sweater? Hard to tell in this dim light. Your hair is completely covering your face.
I don't know who lit the fire. I don't know how long I've been here.  I feel like it's been years, but it could have been no longer than a day. The sun's position doesn't seem to have changed, but this doesn't seem wrong to me, for some reason...deep down, I somehow know that I'm where I'm supposed to be.  I also somehow know (in that way, in dreams, that you somehow feel intuition about something even though nothing has really indicated how or why you know it) that, eventually, I'm supposed to go...somewhere else. That this place is only the very beginning of t

Literature – Poetry
~featured by Kaz-D, seventysevenpercent and ProjectComment
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Cartoons & Comics
~featured by Anjellyjoy
Arikana .Artshop. by couleur-art beach sketch by lllaria Abeja asesina by K-litos

~featured by xbrittx102
:thumb144514769: Abarai Renji Colorize by Chris-Strife Gaia Commissions 2 by Animizu

~featured by FTWremy, ChaoticSkye and TheDeviantIndigo
house edit by mcstake Left 4 Dead 'Hunter' by Zzzeus Chibi - Yuna by AnjiDaDistroyer

Fan Fiction
~featured by Iluvocnj2006
Addiction and JealousyKakuzu crushed his cup as his heart seemed to just rip down the middle. He watched, hurt and angry as Hidan - not only locked lips with Deidara, but with Itachi too. Deidara, he could at least understand, he was very difficult to resist with his pretty blue eye shining though a mass of beautiful sun-yellow hair.
"S-stop it hn!" Deidara glared at Hidan. "I-If Sasori no Danna catches you…"
"Shut the fuck up Barbie Doll. You're gonna like it." Hidan smirked.
Itachi looked up from the two with a chuckle before his eyes fell on Kakuzu. Watching him return the glare, sneering bitterly. "Kisame-san deserves better than that…Itachi." His words, so calm, not a word stuttered but it was cold and initial.  
Hidan suddenly pulled away from Deidara and looked at Kakuzu with a smirk. "When did you get back?" He asked, eyes bright. Hidan's partner - or former partner in Kakuzu's opinion just pinned him against the wall, hand held firmly against Hidan's throat. "Traitor."
"Che. Why
Love N' Life pt.136Love N' Life Part 136
Get A Room...
"Alright, the kids are already to go with you to work," Rukia stated, breezing into the kitchen, "Great, I made french toast and smoothies," Ichigo replied, turning on his heel and meeting her eyes with his, "Um... I'll take a smoothie," she said simply, grabbing one of the glasses off of the counter, "Uh, why aren't you going to eat anything?" "Oh no real reason, just don't feel like it," he nitted his brows, "You're lieing," "I'm not!" "You are," "Am not!" "Oh come on Rukia you're practically DROOLING!" "I am not!" "Wat's wrong with you?" "Nothing!" "Is something wrong with your mouth?" "No..." "It is," "Isn't," "Is," "Isn't," "It isn't it?" "Yes," "Let me see," he said, placing her on the counter and pulled her lip aside, "Wa ovs i ook ike?" she muttered, (Wat does it look like?) "Its just a little sore from too much acidic foods, I told you eating too many strawberries was bad for you," he stated, opening the cabinet and taking out some poroxide,

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lidianoona Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009
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great work everyone on here!
DaydreamInfections Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
i really appreciate the feature. the effort you are doing here with this project is admirable. thanks for giving me/us the opportunity to get closer to a larger number of interesting strangers :).
elvenjewel2012 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I am very grateful for the feature, thank you!!
AnjiDaDistroyer Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature. XD
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never expected to be the featured deviant :heart:
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Many thanks for the feature!
It really means a lot to me.
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Did mine not get to you? :(
fraxialmadness3 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the feature!
that's very kind...
BRAVO for creating this generous spirit
on DA....good vibrations in here!
MarWash Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I like stuff like this, it shines a light on people i probably wouldnt have come across otherwise.
Nakatoni Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
Thank you very much for the feature ^_^
This is great collection, now I need to take a deeper look at all works :)
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