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Serenade Me, Sinister

Using the Horror/Macabre gallery to bring you music and mayhem, this week I bring to you Pretentious, Moi?.

Pretentious, Moi?

Pretentious, Moi? is a UK based goth band.

Created as a solo project by Tim Chandler in 1994, the live band now includes some of the best known musicians in the contemporary uk gothic scene.

The development of the solo project into a fully fledged band is only a recent one, and as the original project was not intended to be publicly released in any big way, there is very little previously released material out there.

Demos were released in 1994 and later in 1997 The earlier recording featuring the vocal talent of Rachel Iden (Nee Speight) and the latter one featuring most of the guitar effects of a Mr Gordon Young.

Pretentious, Moi? has six studio albums.

The Haunting - Pretentious, Moi?:

She turns to face
One more
It might be the locked door
She wants to stay
No more the words of yesterday
Too much time to kill
All reason gone
But the haunting
Sense that we might see
All that is left is the will that she wants to be

spying thru by princessrat Help me... by IndiaFray See no evil by Sudrosa

Without a home to hide
Within the walls remember
The stories you can't read
Meet the monsters that we might have been
The safest words unsaid
Behind the guarded anger
Sees a future lying dead
All that I wanted

Welcome Home by Deadly-Creative Help Me by Tristiahna .rage by XactoInTheBox

Two eyes cut glass and wide
Three is the other
Forgone my future lies
One on another

Zombie Tears by ellysdoghouse

It’s time to go
Ignore the voice from the corner
She cannot move
She cannot look without burning
Drive them all away
Don’t make us see what we can't touch
What she whispers now
All that I want in the world is to work out how

Corner by swineandroses

Mature Content

Burn and Peel by Undeath19

Count the victories gone before
Speak your mind
And I am with you
Count your blessings
Turn to go
Count the times
Any you'll remember
It is past and we are old
You are young
But ever distant
You are nothing
I am sold
Count the ways
And you'll remember

No Opinion by Katerina423

You can hear the song RIGHT HERE.

Thank you, rockgem, for this wonderful and dark suggestion!

Suggestions for Serenade Me, Sinister can be made on the news article, on my main page ( pullingcandy ) or in a note, if you have them. All sources cited from Wikipedia.Org or subsequent musician websites.

Horror / Macabre artwork, particularly that of a bloody nature is an acquired taste. If you do not enjoy seeing it, please, do not look. And just as is suggested for Daily Deviations, please do not comment on an artists work with your harmful or hurtful opinions of it. You have the ability to turn off Mature Content works by editing your settings. As with any art, horrific or not, if you have nothing constructive to say in a polite manner, then don't say anything at all.

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Using the Horror/Macabre photography gallery to bring you music and mayhem, this week I bring to you Pretentious, Moi?.
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